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DSCI0892The South West Regional Fund for Health Promotion is a Public Interest Group (PIG) organisation created on the 21st of January 2013, by a Prime Ministerial decree No 005/CAB/PM. under law No. 2010/023 of 23rd December 2010 and the signing of the constituent Agreement of Public Interest Group(PIG) referred to as South West Regional Fund for Health on June 11, 2012. The initial capital was provided by the three(3) partners by  transforming the net assets of the South West Provincial Special Fund for Health to the SWRFHP.

Its purpose is to assist the Cameroonian Ministry of Public Health in financing the functioning of health services and promotion of quality healthcare in the South West Region.

The main objective of the Fund is to create, and operate as an autonomous non-profit making organisation for the improvement of health care of the people of the South West Region, while respecting the policies and priorities set by the Ministry of Public Health.

The SWRFHP has as partners: the Government of Cameroon, the South West Community and the Technical and Financial Partners, each representing one third of the share capital.

The missions of the Fund are: To offer preventive and curative quality care, to supply quality essential medicines, health care equipment and essential medical devices to public and private health facilities; to increase demand and financing of health care through the establishment of mutual health insurance and any other method of financing the demand for health; to enhance the  quality of health services through performance contracts with Health Districts; to coordinate activities such as hospital maintenance,  health education and nutrition and the efficient use of human, material and financial resources; to promote epidemics and disasters prevention and management and the involvement of the population in health policies through dialogue and participation in decision making.