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Administration and Finance


This unit ensures the proper administration, personnel and financial management of the Fund to achieve value for money, in accordance with operating procedures and the law on public interest groups.

The unit is made up of the department of accounts, the department of logistics/Human resources management, and the general secretariat. Also, there are finance and administration department in other decentralized health promotion projects of the Fund such as the Performance based financing (PBF) project and the community based micro health insurance promotion projects.

The financial resources of the Fund are considered as public funds, managed in accordance with the rules and regulations of private sector accounting using the OHADA accounting system and International Financial Reporting Standards.

The sources of financial resources consist of:

  • Contributions of the signatories to the constituent agreement;
  • Government subsidies;
  • Private grants;
  • Surpluses generated from the proper management of essential medicines;
  • Donations and gifts,
  • Other resources available to the FUND

These financial resources are managed with the aim of:

  1. Improving governance, accountability and transparency in the receipts and uses of funds.
  2. Ensuring that the financial resources and operations are effectively audited internally and externally
  3. Ensuring proper coordination of financial resources between the Fund, the health districts and other health promotion projects.