Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 7:30am to 3.30pm
  Contact : +237 333 32 29 43

Pharmaceutical Products Management Section

Pharmaceutical product management is a strategic part of the organizational structure of the SWRFHP. This section ensures high quality essential medications are made available at affordable prices in the region. A team of ten with extensive experience in diverse healthcare disciplines facilitates the functioning of this section.

The section comprises of a Central Store, Stock Management, Distribution and Supervision units.

Our scope of work and responsibility includes the following;

  • Procurement, inventory management and distribution of Essential Medications and other medical supplies for all government controlled health centers in the region.
  • Play a supervisory role to support the pharmacies of these centers to effectively manage and dispense essential medications in their respective areas.
  • Training of health unit pharmacy personnel.
  • In partnership with the Ministry of Public Health, we manage the inventory for other programs which include HIV, Malaria, Reproductive Health, Tuberculosis, and Neglected Tropical Diseases in the South West Region. During epidemics, we act as the distribution arm of the healthcare ecosystem in the region; ensuring needed supplies gets to the affected area.